Tournament: Sunday 14th April – Gannon’s Dojo, Leicester LE1 5YP


We recommend students enter 3 events.  Choose the 3 option below.

Below is the description of the events

Point sparring- competitors aim to score points by landing controlled punches and kicks to the head and body. Full sparring kit required. If students don’t spar yet or are too young to spar they can enter flag sparring..

Flag sparring- this event we put ‘flags’ in the students belts, and the competitors aim is to grab the flags from their opponents.

Freestyle kicking- students demonstrate their all their kicks, even jumping and spinning ones in front of judges over several rounds. They are scored on technique and creativity

Kata- students demonstrate a Kata they have learnt in class in front of judges, they are scored on technique and intensity

The children are in groups of 4/5 children of similar age, size and experience. They will win a trophy per event. Timetable for the events will get sent out nearer the time. Any questions please ask your instructor, or text Jasmine 07876801569


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Number Of Events To Be Entered

1, 2, 3