Gannon’s Dojo consists of a team of expert, committed and experienced instructors.

Paul Gannon

Master Instructor and Founder of Gannon’s Dojo

Paul Gannon started his martial arts training at the age of 13 at a local Tae Kwon Do class. His brothers Mick and John were already members and were black and brown belts respectively. They strongly encouraged Paul to start the classes!

At that first lesson he fell in love with the martial arts and poured his heart and soul into the training. He graduated to black belt at 17 years old. At that time his brother Mick started his own martial arts club and Paul loved helping out with the classes.

Whilst at university Paul started his own martial arts classes, however he had never imagined making a living, let alone running a full time centre one day. At that time in the early 90s he only knew of a few full time instructors.

After completing another degree course, a post graduate diploma. He decided that he would follow in his brothers foot steps and opened a handful of kids karate classes around Leicester these were ran from local primary schools.

After a few years he realised that he had to learn more about the art of teaching and running martial arts classes, if he was ever going to open a full time centre. Over next few years he learned all he could about teaching, motivation, leadership and advanced instructor skills. Paul spend many years and went on dozens of instructor and martial arts training courses. During this time Paul worked on his own martial arts skills and competed most months somewhere around the country.

The Leicester academy was opened in 1997, this was fours years after opening his first kids karate classes. The academy was located right in the city centre, it was on the second floor on the High Street. That academy is still there and is now the head quarters and central instructor training centre for the organisation.

Master Gannon’s responsibility is to ensure all the instructors are trained to a high level and deliver top quality lessons. Mr Gannon has a life time of teaching experience. He is a multi award winning instructor who is expert in karate, kickboxing and grappling.

Jasmine Gannon

General Manager

Jasmine has been training since the age of 6 and has been an instructor at the Leicester martial arts academy for many years. She loves the kicking elements of the martial arts plus the arms locks of grappling.

Jasmine is the general manager of the organisation, she works closely with the instructors to ensure all the members of our clubs have positive enjoyable experiences.

Charlotte Porter


Levent Kaya


Tammy Burgoyne