Gannon’s Martial Arts Apprenticeship Programme


Martial arts Instructor Apprentice Programme – Starts January 2024. Price £2997.

This 24 month programme is not just an instructor training course. 

In fact there is nothing else like this in the UK. It’s a complete career in martial arts training. 

The Gannon’s Apprentice programme is a 24 month course. 

It covers the 3 main skill sets for an instructor to have a well paid career in the martial arts .

Instructor training – This covers the best ways to teach, how to plan classes, leadership skills and how to inspire and motivate students to be the best they can be. Plus candidates will greatly  improve their own martial arts skills  by having a deeper understanding of the techniques. 

Marketing  – How to communicate the benefits of the martial arts to individuals, families also how to use  digital media to market classes. 

Martial Arts Dojo management – How to organize classes, run events, tournaments, enroll new students and everything else that is needed to run a successful part time or full time dojo. 

The course is delivered via live zoom classes, on line courses, in class teaching experience plus live instructor colleges. For students that can’t attend live training zoom training is given. 

Commitment required. About 2 – 3  hours a week. Study class times are flexible. 

The programme price – I think this is the best investment you can make in yourself or child in order to have a career in martial arts. 

An average degree now costs £30k plus accommodation. Many students pay £50k in total. 

Our 24 month apprenticeship programme is only £2997. 

Early bird offer. However, enroll before January and save £1000.

This whole programme is just £1997. 

Students completing and passing this programme will be in great position to either work at a Gannon’s dojo or have a new club started for them. 


Who can register? – Gannon’s Dojo students or family members. 

Open to all adult students and juniors from 12 years old ( there is some flexibility with age it depends on the individual).